Saturday, May 30, 2009


There are many guitar solo out there that are great and have their own style to it. These are some of my all time favourites.

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Sunday, May 24, 2009


I am suppose to be doing my moral assignment now when i had one of my momentary space out( staring into blank space with lyrics of damien rice, fray, and lazlo bane ringing in the background ) .When this happens i start to think about random stuff ( not going to go into details) anyway this time i was just thinking about what my friend said to me earlier about being naive(apparently trusting people easily).... hmm... it got me thinking that gone are the days when we try to look for the good in people perceiving that peoples intentions are good.( i am not high relax)..... some may consider this being naive but in some sense it is true considering the world we live in today.we are forced to look at people with reservation and suspicion as to always question peoples intentions. we are required to draw the line on who can we trust and cant trust. i guess this is how the world is today and we just got to accept it.

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solution to the problem : make marijuana legal so that people or the public in general is always high as you know when we get high we aint good at keeping shit a secret there is to much mental processing that goes into it...... haha....people will not have anymore hidden intention.( it would up front straight intentions)......... weed the solution of all lives problems...

Saturday, May 23, 2009


something interesting happen to me today. i was doing my laundry after having lunch with my cousin ........ i came back and i found my cloths that i put to wash had finish washing and somebody had help met to remove it and placed the cloths back into my pail..... hmm i am thinking okay i guess the guy did that cause he wanted to use the machine so nothing really surprising about that....... then i took my pail of cloths over to the dryer to put it to dry ...... 45 minutes on the timer, so i was no way going to sit there and wait so i went back up to my room to chill while waiting for my cloths to dry....... not realizing the time 2 hours went by when i remembered about my cloths, grabbed my pail and i was out the door in a flash.... on my way down the stairs (aka the stairs of hell as i have to climb 4 floors every single day) i was thinking, damn there is going to be irritated people waiting there to dry their cloths since mine has been in there for 3 hours now ... when i reached the the dryer , to my surprise i found my cloths folded and stacked nicely on top of the dryer.... i was expecting to find my bundle of cloths chucked on top of the dryer or on top of the table.... was thinking hmm either this guy is really nice to fold my cloths for me or may be he was so bored he decide to help me fold my cloth as well. anyway thanks to that guy i could just come back to my room and put my cloths straight into my cupboard...... thanks helpful stranger... if the helpful stranger does happen to read this, can you let me know when u feeling bored next,u can come over to block l as i got some cloths that still requires folding in my room... sorry people no pictures cause i don't carry my phone when i do my laundry.....

well this really got me thinking how rare is it to find people this nice in the world today,as robin sharma wrote in his book "it is the simple things in life are the ones that makes the biggest difference" A simple gesture of folding someones cloths may not mean much but imagine if you were having the shitest day, you are press for timing rushing to get things done whatever it may be , a gesture like this would somewhat can't help but put a smile on your face or at to a certain extend make your day ... i know it did for me.... haha. anyway what i am trying to say is,we should try to if we can to carry out a simple random act of kindness( as a friend once put it to me) and hopefully makes some random person day.

ladies & gents if you do agree with me and want to carry out a random act of kindness but just haven't had the opportunity or don't know what to do , well there is some cloths that still requires folding in block l so feel free to start here. haha.